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Simplified English Checker
ASD-STE100® Simplified Technical English (STE) compliance checking is now a breeze! MY-STE-BUDDY is not just another STE Checker. It thoroughly examines vocabulary, sentence structure, and STE-specific rules, ensuring your content aligns with the ASD-STE100® specification.

Reliable and Safe
Your security is paramount. We guarantee that no data will be stored after compliance checking. MY-STE-BUDDY guarantees privacy and security, treating your texts with the utmost confidentiality. We do not train our models with your texts. Trust us to handle your content securely and reliably. All our data is stored on servers located in The Netherlands.

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User-Friendly Interface
No technical expertise is needed! Just copy your text and click the button. Get instant results for up to 500 words at once with our intuitive interface. Enjoy the ease of MY-STE-BUDDY.

Affordable Subscription.
For just €99.95 (ex. VAT) annually, streamline your STE compliance process and minimize errors. Think of the hours you'll save! Investing in MY-STE-BUDDY is a smart and cost-effective choice.

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