Why use STE?

Simplified Technical English: An Invaluable Tool for Effective Manual Authoring

Simplified Technical English (STE), as outlined in the ASD-STE100® standard, is a valuable tool for writing manuals that effectively engage your audience. It simplifies complex ideas, making them easy to understand for people with different levels of expertise.

Breaking Language Barriers with STE

STE's greatest strength is breaking language barriers. By following the ASD-STE100® rules, you ensure your content is clear to a diverse global audience. "One word, one meaning."

Reducing Errors and Ensuring Clarity through STE

STE reduces the risk of errors and misunderstandings. Its structured language approach, as specified in ASD-STE100®, ensures clear and precise instructions.

Making Manuals Accessible with STE

STE makes manuals accessible to people from different backgrounds and abilities, supporting the goal of providing equal access to technical information.

Improving Efficiency with STE

STE improves efficiency by streamlining content. Following the ASD-STE100® guidelines helps you create clear and concise documentation, saving time for you and your readers.


Simplified Technical English, as defined by ASD-STE100®, sets a professional standard for technical communication, helping you create manuals that are clear and effective for a global audience.